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There is no denying that J-Attractiveness and K-Natural beauty are trailblazers in the skincare scene. They brought essences into our skincare lexicon, made us rethink our lazy woman routines and released us to each gleaming skin craze conceivable (on a scale of glass to dolphin, how glowy do you want to be?).

The latest buzzy component just isn’t totally new at all. Rice in skincare has been component of Southeast Asian communities for a long time as people today shared anecdotal evidence on how rinsing their deal with and arms with rice drinking water have led to softer, additional youthful-looking skin. But is there any scientific info to again this up and how does it seriously get the job done? 3 skintellectuals acquire a deep dive…

Skintellectual No.1: CJ Zhan-Shahani, Founder of Forest Rhapsody Skincare

rice in skincare


‘Rice as a beauty ingredient has been this sort of a main part of my upbringing because I was a little one. It really is been employed for countless numbers of many years in many Asian communities, which includes those in Japan, Korean, China and sections of Southeast Asia. There are early documents of gals in Japan and China making use of rice drinking water to clean and nourish their hair, and other documents of gals utilizing fermented rice water or rice wine as a skincare component to sooth and brighten the pores and skin. My spouse and children would use rice drinking water not just to clean our hair, but also to wash our faces. Something not utilised for the working day will be made use of to water the yard – and I know our yard yields some of the juiciest greens and herbs (potentially some correlation there!).

‘Rice is composed of 6-8% protein, and this sorts a layer of movie about the skin, successfully moisturising and conditioning the pores and skin. It also has a polysaccharide called amylose which presents it that sticky feel, and though diverse kinds of rice has a different stage of amylose, this compound retains the pores and skin moisturised by producing an extra barrier on the pores and skin. Rice bran extract in distinct has a superior degree of anti-oxidants compounds, fatty acids and polysaccharides, and with its unique chemical profile, has the ability to support antioxidant routines on the skin.

‘Most skincare formulation use rice water mainly because it is less complicated to include into a formulation. For instance: rice toners and rice essences. We use rice bran oil in Milk Ferment and rice-based mostly peptides in Barrier Warrior. We chose to formulate with rice dependent peptides derived from rice protein. This peptide has been clinically confirmed to help mobile regeneration and collagen synthesis. It also is made up of di and tri-peptides, and are hence small enough to be simply absorbed into the skin for much more seen outcomes.’

The Verdict

‘All pores and skin styles would reward from rice, exclusively individuals that are simply sensitised. That claimed, I would caution customers from planning their personal Do-it-yourself rice drinking water at residence, except if they know the origin of their rice.’

Skintellectual No.2: Medina Azaldin, Senior Attractiveness Assistant

medina azaldin


‘Similar to Shahani, I grew up in Southeast Asia where by there’s generally been murmurs of people using rice h2o as aspect of their skincare plan, usually as a toner. When admittedly, I’ve under no circumstances DIY’d my possess skincare, I have noticed significantly very good benefits from utilizing Tatcha The Essence. I splash it on on moist pores and skin immediately after cleansing, and observe with a vitamin C serum in the day time, or a retinol in the night.

‘Rose Sparacio, vice president of solution improvement at Tatcha tells me that in The Essence, rice is double fermented (fermentation is one more buzzword in skincare) to develop a focus of vitamins and minerals and improve absorption. This approach yields amino acids and AHAs this sort of as lactic acid, which clarifies why my complexion feels softer and brighter in excess of time. My pores and skin is reactive and acne breakouts-inclined, and so far I’ve not seen any downsides to the solution. It is a awesome way to incorporate hydration devoid of any greasiness.’

The Verdict

‘As usually, it really is significant to appear at the product’s formulation as a entire relatively than concentrating on just a person ingredient. Even though rice is a fantastic addition to your skincare program, make certain the rest of the INCI list also has components that are compatible with your skin type.’

Skintellectual No.3: Dr Ifeoma Ejikeme, Beauty Medical doctor and Pores and skin Expert

dr ifeoma


‘Looking at the evidence of rice as a powerful antioxidant agent and anti-ageing component and you will find some actually great evidence. Tricin is a potent antioxidant and momilactones A and B observed in rice are actually potent agents in aiding with anti-ageing qualities. Precisely it can be an antioxidant but it also helps to increase the elastin in the pores and skin and it also aids to cut down tyrosinase action which can help to brighten the pores and skin. Rice is a definitely interesting component to have in pores and skin treatment as it really is not automatically the full rice but the lively substances in just it that can be incredibly useful in distinct factors of skin.

‘From the exploration I’ve found, the distinctive elements can support all pores and skin type simply because it is an antioxidant and helps to brighten the pores and skin, so these are matters that very considerably every single skin style can use. Similar components would contain other anti-oxidants like vitamin C and coenzyme Q, but then again all anti-oxidants behave very in another way this is anything to increase into your routine instead than to swap everything.’

The Verdict

‘There is rather very good proof of employing rice centered goods. But from what I have read through so considerably the evidence is nevertheless fairly new and it would be fantastic to see far more info and additional research published in this location for us to genuinely be able to say it is fantastic.’

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