Graduates praise Ponce Health Sciences University and the

Electra Duchemin, MSMS graduate

Electra Duchemin, MSMS graduate

Ponce Health Sciences University, now with a state-of-the-art medical school and campus located in St. Louis, prepares students for a career in the medical field with their Master of Science in Medical Science program, MSMS for short.

The year-long interdisciplinary MSMS program stays true to Ponce’s mission of uplifting students from historically underrepresented backgrounds, preparing them for either the first year of medical school or to move on to other professional schools, including pharmacy, dental, optometry and others. Recent graduates are praising the program.

“When I left undergrad, I wasn’t sure how prepared I would be for medical school, but PHSU assured me that they’d help me reach my full potential,” MSMS graduate Electra Duchemin says. “The constant support I received from PHSU will stick with me. Thank you PHSU for showing me truly what I am capable of.”

Macie Giannini, MSMS graduate

Macie Giannini, MSMS graduate 

MSMS graduate Macie Giannini says Ponce Health Sciences helped her become a better student and better person. “The MSMS program has furthered my path to academic success. I will forever be thankful for my time at Ponce Health Sciences.”

Brooke Beers, MSMS graduate

Brooke Beers, MSMS graduate

Another MSMS graduate, Brooke Beers, had this to say: “PHSU saw my nontraditional background as a strength and encouraged me to use the skills I had learned as a professional to help me excel as a student. The MSMS program rebuilt my confidence academically, improved my science GPA and helped me take the next steps toward a lifelong career in medicine.”

Miles Charles, MSMS graduate

Miles Charles, MSMS graduate

“I applied to the MSMS program at Ponce Health Sciences University because I was looking to build a strong foundation as a future physician,” says Miles Charles, MSMS graduate. “I studied anthropology as an undergraduate, so I wanted to get more exposure to hard sciences such as biochemistry, immunology and physiology. The MSMS program gave me the opportunity to improve my scientific background and develop the study skills I need to be a confident student when I matriculate to medical school.”

Jade Warfield, MSMS graduate

Jade Warfield, MSMS graduate 

“I am truly grateful for the memories and the expansion of my skill-set obtained from the Masters of Medical Sciences program at Ponce Health Sciences University,” says MSMS graduate Jade Warfield. She adds that the memories and skills are something that she will “cherish forever, use diligently and will surely not take for granted as I continue to embark on my journey and desire to become a physician.”

If you’re considering medical school, or a professional career within medicine, Ponce Health Science’s one-year MSMS program will equip you with the skills you need to jump-start your career in the medical field. Although the program is based in St. Louis, students also have the opportunity to complete the MSMS program entirely online in 5 trimesters, from anywhere in the country. Contact the admissions office to determine which option is best for you or visit the Ponce Health Sciences University website for more information.

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